Monday, June 11, 2012

Fathers Day Cards

First go to the original source and print out the tools. Have your child color those in and with your help tell write what they like about him on them. Next, take a piece of construction paper and fold it to resemble an envelope (more or less). With black construction paper cut out a handle, a yellow square for the latch and blue triangles for... I don't really know why..

We took a rice a roni box, but it in half and then the top was cut diagonally. Tape a long yellow strip to the inside of the box. With a sharpie, make it look like a ruler, and write something like "Dad, you rule!" or  "You rule dad!" on the inside. Attach a piece of tin foil to the end of the yellow strip and place inside the box, tin foil sticking out.

Then wrap it in black construction paper. Add a yellow piece of paper to the box, write a special message on it:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pool cupcakes

With summer upon us and school ending we needed a fun "last time treat" for preschool. My baby will be a Kindergartener after 2 years of Early Intervention Preschool for Speech and OT. She and her classmates have worked really hard to get where they are today and I'm proud of each one of them. I saw this pin and tweaked it a little.

What you need:
Butter cream icing
(colors: I used Blue, green, orange, pink and purple)
Graham crackers (the pin used brown sugar- but graham crackers are less sweet)
Teddy Grahams
Sour patch kids roll ( $1 section in Target)
Those little umbrellas (You can substitute small cupcake liners that are decorated and toothpicks- that's that I had to do)

I started by baking the cupcakes. While they were cooking I took the package of graham crackers and shredded them up- by hand...that took a while and after all that I only needed maybe 3 full "crackers" for 24 cupcakes).  When the cupcakes were out and cooling on a rack I made the butter cream. I  took a bit in a bowl and tinted them pink, green, orange and purple. I put them in a small ziploc, snipped a tip and drew bikinis and swim trunks on the teddy grahams.

I tinted about half blue and frosted each one separately, because once you're done with one you dip half into the graham cracker to make sand.

After I cut the sour patch kid roll I placed it on the sand with a dab of  butter cream. I added darker blue lines to make water ripples. I made the "umbrellas" by jabbing the tooth pick on the inside of a mini cupcake wrapper.
With a bigger "hole" in my icing bag I piped on inner tubes  or floaty for the bears. Then added the beads either to the blankets or the inner tubes.
I liked putting the ones with their paws up in the tubes.

If you found these helpful, cool or funny- please follow me. I'd appreciate it. It gets a little lonely over here.