Monday, August 27, 2012

American Girl Gymnastics accessories

So I'm starting on Christmas a little early. What would my oldest would really really like?  Why McKenna's gym accessories of course! Now, I'm not just talking the hula hoop, the ribbon and the leotard (which she already owns one for her doll anyway). I'm talking the beam as well. As of right now my husband and I plan to make all of this stuff because this year Christmas is going to be more homemade.

Today I only had enough time to make the ribbon, I still have to go out and buy the materials to make the hula hoops. I took cake rods (you can use kabob sticks) and cut them into a good size (measured it against the dolls hand).

Then I hot glued the ribbon part around the rod (covering the sharp edge). I then wrapped a different color ribbon around  the base once.  Then  added a hair twistie and wrapped the ribbon around and glued it down.

I added a hair twistie so that the girls dolls could hold the ribbon wand by themselves.

Today we're making the Hula hoop.

First I went to Lowe's (because during one of the Lowes Build and Grow workshops I got a free $5 gift card!) and the nice people there cut 2 sets of polyethylene pipe measuring 32inches each (about  22 cents a foot) . I also bought the connector pieces for 88 cents each. The most expensive part of this was the duct tape (about $5 each). Still I'm spending way less on two than I would on one at the actual store.

First I had to  take the tubing and heat the end up in hot water.

 Then push the attachment piece in. Repeat to other side- Careful it's kinda hot!!

You should have a circle now

This is the harder part, because if you're like me you want the wrapping of the duct tape to be smooth

*Tip start the duck tape at an angle, or you'll end up getting bumps like the Hello Kitty one and if you're like me you'll take it off and start over:

Ta da! The dolls will be ready for their gymnastics competitions very soon!

My other American Girl items:
school supplies
feel better kit  (Just like McKenna's!)
head band
Minnie Mouse ears
sleeping bags
sleeping mask
pillow dress
pet accessories

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  1. This is a great idea! I have to try that out! Thnaks for sharing!

    1. Anytime! Would love to see the finished project when you're done!

  2. This is so cute. I pinned it a while back and made these as a favor for my daughter's birthday party. I just started a collaborative board for American Girl Doll ideas on Pinterest. I wanted to invite you to pin to the board as well. If you are interested, here is the board. I can't find your contact info., so if you want to join in, just email me. Thanks for the great idea.

    1. Awesome idea to make them favors!! I didn't even think of that! I am following your board :) Thank you for inviting me.

    2. Excellent idea. Going to put fine glitter into my pipe. Fiddly but the effect is lovely