Monday, August 12, 2013

Lego Friend Costume

We are putting down our Mouse ears this year and going to Legoland instead. Through the Home Depot Kid Workshops we were able to get free tickets for the girls provided we bought our own tickets. Perfect!!  It was meant to be. After Doing some research I found out you can MEET the Lego Friend girls. (And after going to Legoland we were disappointed to find out they are only there Wed-Saturday...we went on a Monday) I'm a sucker for a kid in costume. Since we weren't going to be dawning on a princess dress I thought  the girls would look absolutely adorable going through the park dressed as the characters. I mean we were born to stand out.

Puff paint & brush (can be bought at Michaels, Jo Ann's-  Don't forget a coupon through the stores site-  and I think Wal*Mart) We bought ours with a 50% off coupon and it ended up being $3.49
Tank tops  We used some that we already owned. Which made this super cheap.
I also used skirts that we already owned in the correct colors (not really the right "style" but we like them. Again we're going for inexpensive).
I made the headband with the closest color to the shirt I could find.
Printed off shapes (Hearts, Stars, Music notes), in various sizes.
Cardboard (from a cereal box)


I started by  sliding the already washed shirt into the empty cereal box. I printed off the shapes i needed, cut them out and laid them onto the shirt based on where it was on the Lego herself.
 With my pencil I traced the images onto the shirt. Slowly I added puff paint around the outline of the hearts and began filling in the middle with the paint.
******* Now, I'd like to note that in order for it to be exact you'd have to buy more than one pack of paints. I didn't I just bought the one that had pink and purple and thought I'd be able to darken and lighten as I went- I was wrong.*****


Stephanies was a little harder, because I had to free hand sketch the pink blob in the background of her stars,
Also, again I'd like to note I didn't have all the colors and so I made certain shapes just pink (they are supposed to be a darker pink)

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