Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY American Girl Doll accessories

 AS SEEN IN PARENTS MAGAZINE!!!!!!! (September 2012 pg 208)

Yes, This is our second publication in a row for Parents Magazine "It Worked For Me!" We waited until the school supplies went on clearance at Staples and bought the mini composition books (2 pack for a quarter!) Then we took the page of mini versions of your pictures (typically these come when  you order online) We cut them out and glued them into the book as a mini scrapbook for the dolls.

To make the surfboard, we simply cut the bottom of a Rockstar 24 count case to the shape of a surfboard. After that I let the girls draw on Sharpie with them to make designs. They aren't as long as a typical surfboard to human ratio- but the girls are happy with them.

Next we have a kite. This was just something we bought at the dollar store (it's just a mini kite)

Last one for the day we have is a back pack

It's been a while since we made it, but here is a sketch of the  pattern. We basically used a long rectangle for the back, a square for the front, a long thin rectangle for the bottoms and sides, and a pocket. We sewed it together and made cuts in the fabric for the ribbon handles.

Open and off:


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