Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kindle Fire Case pattern/ Ipad/tablet case

My husband just got a Kindle Fire and we wanted a case for it to keep it safe during travel. After searching I found several I liked, but hated the price. So I decided to come up with my own.

What you'll need:
*An old book you don't want that is the same size as your Kindle/IPad, etc...
*Two pieces of felt
*Hot glue gun & sticks
*2 sets of Fabric (mine are from the small bundle packs you buy at Wal*Mart)
*Cardboard (From goldfish or cheeze-its)
*Needle & Thread

First, my husband pulled the paper out of a book (Sorry, Dr. Suess)

Remove your tablet & hot glue the pieces of felt on both sides of the book.

Place felt covered book on fabric

 Hot glue the remaining fabric to the book.

With your bunny Graham or goldfish box, cut it down to fit the inside of your book..

Cut a piece of fabric that same size & glue it to the left corner (make sure it covers the bend in the book). Save the cardboard for later.

Cut a piece of elastic the height of your book. pin it to the inside of the folded part of the book (look where my pin is)
Hand stitch it into place

 Remember that piece of cardboard? Well, you need it now. You'll need to cover the piece of cardboard in fabric just like you did the book (excluding the felt). Not Shown

Then take four pieces of elastic and sew the elastic onto the four corners of the cardboard back (into the fabric, not the board) Not Shown

Your last step will be to hot glue the fabric covered cardboard piece into place.



Using this same idea you can make a photo album with a 3 ring binder.

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