Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paper Mache Pinata

 Okay what better way to spend two weekends than making your very own pinata?? Here is what we did.

Blow up a balloon to the shape and size you want.  We as always chose Mickey Mouse. Cut/tear strips of newspaper.

Mix together 1 part flour to 2 parts water. You will want it to be the consistency of thick glue, but you also want it to be runny and not thick like paste. Add more water or flour as necessary. Mix well to remove any lumps.

 Dip the ripped newspaper into mixture and wrap around the balloon. You're going to want several layers (as we learned later my husbands 20 for Mickey Mouse was too many). When you're done wait for it to dry. Ours took about a day and a half, but with school and work we had to wait until this weekend to finish.

May 20th
This morning I sketched out Mickey Mouse's face and then spray painted the parts I needed to black. With peach acrylic paint we painted his face and let him dry--2 1/2 hours. When we came back from Sunday shopping I added his eyes, nose and mouth. Let him set while we ate lunch.

Then we cut a hole in his head and added some candy, because what is a pinata without it?? Attaching the string was hard. We actually had to put a hole in the front and one diagonally in the back of Mickey's head to get him to hang.

Then the girls took a whack at him

and again...

This is about where we learned the 20 layers was too many and we really should have done less.

ME: Eh, let's just toss him in the air... So we did. And we got candy!

Poor Mickey. He never saw us coming.

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