Monday, February 6, 2012

Fixing American Girl Doll hair

So my daughters love their American Girl dolls. My youngest especially loves Elizabeth Cole's hair. Sadly that means that it's not tied back like I would prefer so it gets tangled very easily.

You'll need: a spray bottle with water and the American girl brush (maybe once every other month I like to spray their hair with a little leave in conditioner. (any spray version will do-be sure to only do this once in a while.)

Spray doll while upside down. This makes it so that you do not get the body wet.

depending on how much hair your doll has, separate it into small sections (Elizabeth Cole is separated into 6 sections) Brush gently starting at the bottom.

Half way done.


Check out a few hairstyle  ideas here:
AG Hair styles


  1. What brand of leave in conditoner do you use?

    1. I thought it was Aussie. It's actually the Herbal Essence spray. I was wondering why Aussie sounded wrong then it got me thinking that I use a spray leave in conditioner.