Thursday, April 26, 2012

American girl feel better kit

This one post will show you how to make: The crutches, Leg cast and gown. see below link for arm cast

 Leg Cast

What you'll need:
Paper and pen (to make a pattern)
 White fabric
Colored fabric (your bandages)

Hailey has this funny thing going where she likes to pretend her dolls leg is broken. I had seen a pin on Pintrest and made the arm brace before and took the same concept to the leg cast.

 I started with a piece of paper and trace the dolls foot. Next I took a rectangle piece of paper and kind of formed it around the leg to get an idea of what the cast would look like. When I was happy with that I cut it out

I took out my white fabric (an old hanes t-shirt) and batting and my choice in cloth for bandages. With the white base and batting you will cut them the same shape as your paper. The color "bandages" are cut into strips and places haphazardly (to give them the realistic effect) on top of the batting (think of it like a sand which:  white, batting bandage)

After you're done laying it out, it's time for the tedious work of sewing it ALL on. (pausing for you to realize I'm serious) After I did that I tested it wrong side out . I noticed that the spot right around the ankle was kind of poofy, So I pinched it together and pinned it and sewed it together (look inbetween the circle).

I also made sure the shape around the foot look "realistic and trimmed where I thought would need it.

I sewed the foot/ bottom piece together and pinned it right sides together to see what it would look like. After looking it over and pinning it to get the optimal fit, I sewed it together.
and tested it again on the leg. Then added the Velcro strip.


I saw this on youtube, and thought I could prefect it a bit.

What you'll need:
Hot glue gun
Popsicle sticks
 12 pack of cake rods ( $3 at Wal*mart)  The youtube video used skewers- cake rods are more sturdy.
duck tape

First we measured the rods to the American Girl doll and cut them down just a tiny bit so they were the perfect height (I used scissors). Then we painted the rods purple and the handles (Popsicle sticks) hot pink and let them dry.  Heat your glue gun up and add glue to the corners of the Popsicle sticks, quickly add the  rods at an angle. Add more glue for safety

***Thinking about it I think you might want to use wood glue. I wanted to, but didn't have any on hand.***

Next find where your dolls  hand will rest when the crutch is under her arm. That is where you're going to glue two Popsicle sticks (one on each side)

Take a piece of duck tape and cut it in half. Wrap it around the base of the crutch

Now your doll has something to help her get around in her new cast. They can be fragile- do not put your weight onto them!


 I used the same pattern as the doctor scrubs just made the shirt longer to be a gown, shorter sleeves and added bias tape instead of  Velcro. The pattern has been destroyed since the original making of this. Here is a general idea based on the woman who came up with the scrubs. It's just a rectangle with sleeves. the front gown is cut on a a fold and has a curve for the neck. Then you'll add bias tape around the top and bottom. Make the top long so it can tie in back, or add Velcro.

Hope you get this! If you liked this, please feel free to follow me and tell others. Thanks!

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  1. Brilliant tutorial! Thanks for sharing!