Monday, May 13, 2013

Amelia Earhart Nails

So for my daughters oral biography report, she got Amelia Earhart. We were busy  making the aviator hat and cardboard plane  we found on pintrest. The last thing we needed was some awesome nails.

What I did was paint all her fingers blue and her thumbs white. I let that sit. On the finders we took some white and made fluffy clouds. We were laughing because I made too quick of a movement on her pinky and the cloud ended up looking a little like a dinosaur.

 I thought the airplane was gong to be tricky, but it really wasn't that bad.


We decided to make both Amelia's planes; The Kinner Airster and The Red Bus). I made a circle for the front of the plane and two parallel lines on either side for the wings. I let them set. Then I took some black and added the strings to the plane, the propellers and a dot for the middle. For fun in the yellow one (The Kinner Airster) has a little brown blob to act as Amelia's aviator cap to make it look like she is flying it.

All the kids at school thought it was cute, and given that these are drawing on a very petite eight year old- I think it's awesome!

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