Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Chore Chart

We are very excited to be going on vacation soon. My daughters  (4 1/2 and 6 1/2) really wanted to earn some money  for vacation to buy souvenirs. Instead of just giving them the money, I was really proud that they wanted to earn it. I took a piece of paper and drew a vial with lines. Each line is worth 25 cents- the large line makes a dollar. The choice in price is yours however. This just fits my budget. At the end of each day I draw in with green colored pencil how much they have earned.

Think about things that your child CAN do- even if it involves a little help from you. You can also add things that your child may need improvement on into their chore chart. To help them remember what they can do I drew some stick figure versions of the girls onto their pages.

They can wipe your counters down  if you clear off the counters first
They can wipe down their place mats
The can mop a floor either with a rag or the mop.
Sweep the floors
Help empty out the dishwasher and load it
Wash a couple non breakable dishes by hand
Set a table
Clear the table
Sort the laundry
Fold Laundry/put away laundry on their own.
Clean their room: put away toys without complaint.
Help feed an animal
They can make their beds 
Not "act out" at school
Do their homework without complaint or since it's summer practice some homework.
Play well with others
Listen (not always perfectly- but for the most part)
Wash properly in the bathroom without assistance
Brush teeth with no complaints or by self
Play nicely with a sibling
No complaining (little prompting to "stop")

---Before you think I'm making this too easy for them to earn money I would like to note that I'm not against taking the money back for negative behavior all day.----

When the time comes to "pay out" We're giving it to them in cash on vacation and they have to physically be the ones to buy it. This gives them 1) a sense of pride that they earned this money and 2) a value of money "Do I really want to buy this or do I want to save up for something bigger?"

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