Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer ideas

We've been busy here trying to keep the boredom low on our list during the summer. We're trying to come up with one "exciting" things to do each day-- even is that means going to the library (which is what I love most!)

Boredom busters:

We go to the pool at our complex and trying to learn to swim

We tend our garden- which we started back in April.

In June:

 We started them in little cups and waited until they were sprouting and frost was gone for us to plant them in the actual ground based on where the back of the packet suggested. We have basically just been watering, weeding and keeping an eye on it. I think it's been great for the girls to learn to take care of plants, watch them grown and really know where their food comes from.

 We can't wait to use the pumpkins for Halloween!

Build a Lego city out of a cardboard box. 

We took a long piece of cardboard, covered it with brown wrapping (or maybe a couple of brown paper bags?) and with sharpie drew in streets, sidewalks, lights, and my husband even drew a Safeway and Chipotle

LOWES BUILD AND GROW WORKSHOP: Every other Saturday Lowe's has a FREE building workshops for kids.. Sign up in advance for a free apron and goggles.

HOME DEPOT: The first Saturday of every month Home depot has a FREE workshop as well. No sign up required

Here are some other ideas from my pintrest sight: 
.glow in the dark play doh
turn a book into real life
target practice

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