Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi roll

Alrighty, this morning I decided to try to make the girls lunches a little more...interesting. They aren't always in the mood for Peanut butter or Jelly sandwiches, but it had been a while and I figured they weren't awake to argue.
I started by taking 2 pieced of bread and rolling then flat with my rolling pin.

 Then I removed the crust and added  jelly to one and peanut butter to the other. Now this is normally where people would put them together and then roll it up- not us. Not only did I think two rolled slices would be a bit much for their tiny mouths, but one only likes jelly the other, peanut butter. So I rolled them separately and sliced them with a knife.

 Here is hoping they like them! Mine don't look as fancy as the original posters photos (  because they are thinner and less peanut butter and jelly ( I also never photo shop). I also put Goldfish and grapes in their lunches today with my our home made lunch box organizer .Oh and I wouldn't add too much jelly- when you roll it it likes to seep out!

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