Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chocolate covered Cheesecake pops

Chocolate covered cheesecake pops 
(better known as, "sin on a stick" at the Renaissance Faire-yes I am a geek at heart :)  ) Great for Valentines day, parties where you want smaller snacks or desserts.

What you'll need:
Store bought cheesecake or make your own
lollipop sticks
Chocolate covered candy melts


Start by cutting small triangle shapes out of your cheesecake (yes.. I had already had a piece. YOU try working with cheesecake and not sampling...)

carefully break the graham cracker crust off and roll the cheesecake piece in your hands (don't be rough with it- it will get mushy)
break the graham cracker into smaller pieces and roll it around in the cheesecake
add sticks and freeze over night. TIP: Wash your hands between second one (to the left) did not roll as nicely as my first... but honestly: It's cheesecake.. if you're going to be picky you don't get any!


melt candy melts in either microwave of double broiler (today I tried microwave)

pull cheesecake pops out of freezer and coat generously with chocolate

let it dry (I used a cheese grater)

Optional: melt a new color of candy melt and decorate:

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