Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines Day Decorations

I'm not really a sucker for Valentines day. However after having two kids I decided that it was just something fun to do with them and it makes then excited.

A lot of this was bought at Target after everything went on clearance or in the dollar section of Target.

For the Hearts all over out kitchen we simple took white, pink and red construction paper and drew (or traced) a heart onto it, cut them out and taped them throughout the house. The lights were bought on clearance and the Love block was bought for $2.50 (Thanks mom!)

Regular White table cloth, table runner, plates and mats bought from Target. The candles were bought by my husband when we were dating.

XO XO Garland. Bought for $1. You could make this same thing with lightweight cardboard, ribbon, loose glitter, glue and a small hole punch.

*Trace the letters you want onto the cardboard, cut them out.
* cover with glue
*sprinkle generously with glitter, shake off extra
*let it dry
*punch small hole in corners and string through ribbon

Valentines Day for someone Special

My Husband did this for me when we were still dating. It was out first Valentines day (way back in 2005). I really wanted a puppy and he knew that my mom would kill him. So he went out and bought an inflatable one (that I still have to this day) He filled my room with balloons- one for each day we had been together.

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