Friday, March 16, 2012

American Girl Doll Sleep mask

Just a cute idea I thought of while I was making a pin-cushion for my sewing machine. Hailey's doll happened to be lying right next to me while I was turning it right side out and I thought of how cute the girls would be having a slumber party with their dolls. I had already made the sleeping bags yesterday and thought these would be a cute touch.

What you'll need:
scrap fabric

I cut out two different fabrics from a quick pattern I sketched... I hope it works for you:

 I thought if it could be reversible it would be even more special to the girls.
Then I measured the ribbon around Elizabeth's head and cut it in half. I pinned it to the right side of the flower fabric.

I "sandwiched" the ribbon in between the right sides of both fabric and sewed all but a small hole up.
Turn the mask right side out and stitch closed.

Now your American Girl Dolls are ready for some fun.

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