Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Acessories for A.G pets

My daughters got a cat and dog for their dolls and wanted accessories for them. I pulled out our Pluffy stash and began working. Pluffy is some crazy play-doh type thing that you find at a craft store and it does not dry out unless you bake it. They are serious when they say that, I have some pluffy in my carpet from a year ago that it mashed in there pretty good.

I figured the they would need a water bowl, food bowl and a toy of some sort. So I started molding my left over pluffy into the shape of a water and food dish. Which is basically a circle with a flat bottom.

For  water we put a tin layer of blue pluffy down in each bowl. For Pepper we added a bone and for Ginger the cat, she got a fish. When I was done shaping the dough I placed it on a cookie sheet and baked it until it was done. (please refer to the package for time). When it was cooled we used a Sharpie to write his name on the bowl.

Then we decided Pepper needed a pull toy to play tug of war with Elizabeth and so I pulled out my yarn and wrapped it around my fingers. I think I wrapped it about ten times.

snipped the end

then tied off each end.

now your doll and dog can play!

For the Cat:

We have: Water and food bowl, a ball of yarn and a collar.

The food dishes are made from pluffy, the collar is a bead kit and my daughter made it. The ball of yarn is part pluffy and part yarn (this was it doesn't unravel)

I started with a ball of pluffy and baked it until done. I added glue to one side and began wrapping yarn around the ball

 Then when it's all covered in yarn, add a little more glue to hold it down.

and then cut it free from the whole yarn. Ta-da!

Again quality wise it's pretty nice (not AG though) but sometimes it's fun to get creative yourself!


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