Monday, November 5, 2012

Easy Turkey Craft

What you need:
google eyes
yellow, orange and red construction paper
toilet paper roll

This craft is a cute and easy keepsake. Once you've got an empty toilet paper roll handy (in a house of 4 that's not hard at all!) Trace your childs hand in Fall colors (red, orange, yellow). Much to my crafting embarrassment I have no red construction paper so we had to color white paper red. With Christmas around the corner I better stock up on some.  Have your child (or you) cut out the hands and glue them to the toilet paper roll. To make the beak kind of bend the toilet paper roll & cut a snip in it. Glue google eyes and add the gobbler under the beak (I had to use sharpie).

5-10 minute paper crafts
Turkey Hair

**If you found this fun, useful or tried to make it. Follow me and post your pictures!**

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