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Simple 5-10 minute Thanksgiving Crafts

Tom Turkey:
This adorable turkey made from your childs hands and foot will be a wonderful decoration for the holiday as well as a keepsake for when they grow up.

What you'll need:

*Construction papers (brown, red, orange, yellow)
*Glue or glue sticks
*goggle eyes (optional)

Direction: Trace your childs foot onto the brown paper along with each hand & cut them out. Trace your childs hand onto one of the other colors of paper & place the rest underneath (this saves time trying to trace their hand more than once). Cut out all the colored "feathers" out.  Glue the brown "feathers" to the foot toward the bottom (the heel is the head of the turkey). Glue the colored turkey "feathers" onto the back of the turkey in any order. When the turkey has dried, add a triangle for the beak & a red giblet under. Use either google eyes or a marker to add eyes. Now last year we made our turkeys boys. This year my daughters  insisted on the turkeys being girls. So we fashioned a circle cut in half for the back of the girl pilgrims hat and sniped the top of the remaining circle off for the front of her hat (look closer to see what I mean). Make sure to add your childs age and year it was made to this adorable decoration & keepsake.

The Pilgrim Family Craft

Every couple of years my girls and I remake this craft to hang on our walls during November.

What you'll need:

*Construction paper: (your preferred skin color- I didn't have peach and just used pink), white, your hair colors, and black.
*Glue stick/glue

*crayons or markers
* paper plate or bowl and salad plate.

Use the cereal bowl as your children head size and trace a circle on appropriate skin color  and cut them out. Since I have two kids I cut both mine out at the same time. I eyed the hats while I cut, there is no template.

To Make a Girl:
Using the top of one of the circles, cut out a white piece to make the front of the girl pilgrims hat (see picture), glue face down to white piece of paper & cut off excess white paper to form hat (again- I eyed all of this while I was cutting). Make a collar for the girls ( I always round the girls- but I don't know if they are supposed to be or not?). Add long strips of appropriate hair color.

Trace around the head for the back of the hat
trace the top of the head for the front of the hat

for the collar, find the center and make the little loops.


To make a Boy:
Use the black paper and cut a long rectangle for the bottom of his hat and a square for the top. Add a yellow square with as the buckle, making sure to cut out the center. Add a white pointed collar. This can be achieved much faster by making two diamonds and covering half of them (again refer to picture)

(Use the same tecinque above to make the collar and the hat  for the boys. & Native American head band and feathers)

The Native American

*Construction paper (black, brown, tan/white, red, yellow, any other feather color)
* your choice in feather template here: Feather Templates

You can't have your pilgrims without a Native American! Use the directions for the Pilgrims. instead of hats, add a long white or tan strip for headband. I made a diamond pattern on the headband- you can do whatever you want.  For the feathers since I didn't print them on colored paper, I added lines to give it more detail.

The Thankful Tree

What you'll need: 
*Construction paper in fall colors (brown, red,yellow, orange, green)

A very cute way to show children to be thankful. First you need one of the tree templates (I do not own these templates- just googled them). Print out your choice in tree. Next print off different leaves templates in the different colors of paper.

At the bottom of your tree write " I am Thankful for" on each leaf your child writes something/someone they are thankful for. You'll be amazed at how fast the tree will have leaves! (ours is not finished- it's still October!)

The Thankful Pie:

What you'll need:
* Construction paper (depends on the kind of pie you want to make) We're choosing pumpkin pie.
*strips of white paper
* a cereal bowl you can go without for the month of November
*Tape or glue

The same idea as the tree, just in "pie form" Trace the top of the cereal bowl in your choice in pie. Cut an X in the middle of your pie filling (this is make it so you can put your strips of paper in). Next Cut out the circle and tape or glue the construction paper to the top of the bowl. I added "crust" around the rim of our pie.
On the strips of paper write things you and your family are thankful for. At Thanksgiving dinner, open the pie and read them out loud.

Hand print Turkey

A cute little drawing you can turn into a Thanksgiving card and send to family.

What you'll need:
*Crayons- red, brown, yellow, orange, black
*Or Paint (brown, yellow, red, orange)
*Feathers (optional)

Trace your childs hand onto the white piece of paper. Add definition to the turkeys by darkening the bottoms and adding lines through the fingers to make them look like feathers. Color them in red, orange or yellows.

* Paint your childs palm brown and each finger a different color then  stamp it down- let set for 10 minutes. You can add craft feathers to the fingers to make them "come to life"

The Pilgrim Hat Cookie

A cute and simple dessert that will have  your guests "aw-ing" at Thanksgiving dinner

You need:
Reeses mini cups ( For those allergic to nuts- try using a rolos candy- thanks Jackie!)
Keebler Fudge strip cookies
Yellow candy melts (or yellow icing)

Turn the Keebler cookie chocolate side up and  "glue" down the peanut butter cup with icing. place peanut butter cup upside down on cookie and let it set. With yellow icing pipe a thin layer around the rim of the peanut butter cup & add a buckle.


Now, I don't know who came up with this song, but it is so hilarious- especially when you get a group or children to sing it.

The Turkey Dinner Song

Turkey dinner, turkey dinner,
Gather round, gather round.
 Who will get the drumstick?
Yummy, yummy drumstick,
 All sit down, all sit down.
Cornbread muffins, chestnut stuffing,
Pumpkin pie, ten feet wide.
We were all much thinner,
Until we came to dinner.
 Me, oh, my! Me, oh, my!

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