Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Hair

Happy 1st of November! I always feel that Thanksgiving is not a very celebrated holiday. To "bring it back" we decided to create this festive hair style.

I started by heating my glue gun up so that I could make the turkey's face. For that I used: black pipe cleaners (I have no brown) and I kind of make an oval with it. I took a small strip of red and yellow for the beak.  When the glue gun was hot I glued it all to the black head.  I make the feet by taking more black pipe cleaners and wrapping a smaller piece around it- making 3 toes.

For the  body I started with a pony tail and bobbi pinned it into a bun. I added the head and feathers to the top and bobbi pinned them down. Then I added the feet at the bottom and once again bobbi pinned those down.

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**If you found this fun, useful or made it- feel free to post pictures of  your work and follow me. Thanks!**

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