Friday, November 4, 2011

Felt Ornaments

I know I know, it's November. Making ornaments out of felt is extremely simple, but time consuming.
When they are done they make wonderful gifts for teachers, or other special people in your lives.

Felt Ornaments

What you'll need:
*Felt (to make the ornaments shown I used: purple, white, red, green, a little orange, tan)
* White Ric Rac
* colorful beads in all shapes (Christmas tree)
*Sharpie (optional)
* Scissors
* Pattern
*White thread
*stuffing/batting (optional)

Here is a scanned copy of the patterns I drew:

You'll have to take it into Paint & enlarge it. The Gingerbread man is also the patter for a gingerbread girl. You would cut out the faint lines of the skirt & not cut the legs out fully. Except I ended up using the gingerbread man from this site:Elsie Marley Blog

Start by cutting out the pattern and placing it onto the folded piece of felt

I'm starting with mitten in purple. I cut out a second one after this and then cut out the small white fur trim to go along the end of my mitten.

Using the blanket stitch  to go along the outsides of your ornament to sew it together. Before you finish off the ornament you can take a minute to add a little bit of batting to the mittens to give them some dimension. Watch the Video below to see a blanket stitch

For mitten: I added Ric Rac to one corner or each mitten to attach them.
I also have this version of the mittens with a snowflake on them:

For Snowman: You can either use a black sharpie for the eyes and coal mouths or French knot stitch. I added ric rac to make the hook for the ornament to hang.
(Sorry I specifically took these pictures the "right way" and they are turning themselves anyway!!!)

How to make a french knot, the video:

For Christmas Tree: before I blanket stitched the two pieced on tree together, I added the beads to one piece by simply threading the bead onto the needle and stitching it down. I added ric rac to make the hook for the ornament to hang

For Stocking: I add ric rac to the present to make it look like a bow. In the corner, I added ric rac to make the hook for the ornament to hang

 For the gingerbread man I used two red beads and white ric rac.for his piping. Using the back stitch technique to add the O for his mouth and the O for the outline of his eye. Use a French Knot (look for link by Snowman ornament) for his eye ball.

When my 5 1/2 year old saw that he had a bite taken out of him she started laughing :)

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