Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hair Bow and Flower clips

How to make Simple Hair Bows


What you'll need:

*Ribbon (in what ever color or colors you choose)
* Needle and thread (pre threaded and knotted at the end!)
*Hot glue gun and extra glue
*Hair clips (can be found at local craft stores)
* No Fray liquid (can be found at Wal*Mart & craft stores)

I typically don't cut off a piece of ribbon from the spool, just to be on the safe side. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and so I like to make sure things are even.

Start with your first loop in almost the middle of the length your chose. This particular ribbon had stiff edges and I was able to just push it against the table to take pictures. If you use silky ribbon, you'll have to always hold it between your thumb and pointer finger with the hand you don't write with.

With the left side, make another loop about the same size:

Now, because I could, I flipped mine over to make the next loop.

and the fourth loop

I cut off the extra on the end to match the end of the other side. With my needle and thread I put the needle through the center of the ribbon and wrapped it around the center (this will make it look more like a bow)

Because I was making a Christmas Hair bow, I added an extra color to the back . Following the same steps as above, I made a green bow slightly bigger than my peppermint ribbon.

I then took a piece of ribbon and wrapped it and hot glued it around the middle to cover up my thread.

Now it's time to get your hair clips out.  Hot glue the bow onto the clip. Some people glue ribbon down on the base of the clip to make it look nice. I feel like it get in the way of the clip when I'm trying to clip them and they end up coming undone.

Flower Clips

What you'll need:

*Fake flowers (can be found at the dollar stores, Wal*Mart, and craft stores)
* Gems or buttons for the middle
*Hot Glue

Pull the fake flowers off the stems (if needed) and then pull out the yellow centers of the flower

With your hot glue gun, glue the gem or buttons onto the flowers middle (you can leave the extra middle or take it out. It's your choice). Hot glue the flower onto the clip. Again, some people glue ribbon down on the base of the clip to make it look nice.

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