Tuesday, February 5, 2013

American Girl Hair styles

Finally! I am sitting down and starting my page about American Girl doll Hair styles. I am really into braiding hair (as you'll see) and a lot of the time my hairstyles revolve around that.

Primerose Everdeen:

Primrose Everdeens pigtail french braids were perfect to keep Elizabeth's hair away from my daughters clutches (she "loves" the hair a little too much sometimes)
You start at the front hair line with a braid and slowly add in a new piece of hair after each section is added to the main braid. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_braid. The trick with Prims is that instead of going toward the back of your head, you curve it downward behind your ear following your hair line.
Swedish Piggie:

I saw a youtube video for this hairstyle since there was no original source.  The easiest way to explain this hair stlye is to take the first part of the hair on the left and hold it off to the side. Take the same amount on the right and brush it to the left. Twist tie it off. Take the left side and brush it to the right. Twist tie it off. Take a lower section of hair from the right and brush it to the left. Twist tie off. Repeat until you have no more hair left.  Given the size of the doll and the thickness of the hair It came out really cute.

 Woven Hair:

Don't be intimidated by this hairstyle. It was surprisingly easy. It is similar to Swedish Piggie's but I think it is actually nicer. The "locks" as I will refer to them as are a lot smaller than the piggies and not tied off after each side.

Start with 3 locks of hair (note the 1st lock will be where the 1st side is) Carefully bring the 3rd lock over to the first lock. Next brush over the 4th lock to the right side. Next start a 5th lock on the right side (refer to the picture if you get confused). Continue down your hair until you get to the desired length. Put in pony tail.

French Pony:
This is nothing more than a light french braid put into a half pony tail. 
 The side braid:

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