Sunday, February 24, 2013

Multicultural Week Door Decoration

As part of our celebration for Multicultural week at our school we need to decorate the doors of the classroom. When I think of Multicultural and kids the first thing that comes to mind is "It's a Small World" from Disneyland. It's both my daughters favorite rides and always the first thing we go on when we arrive at Disneyland.

To recreate this timeless classic I started at the school. I e-mailed (and in more cases physically went  up to) and found out what country or countries best represented the childs family. Then I went and printed off tiny coloring page versions of that flags along with the word "welcome" in that language.

 I colored them by hand because although it takes more time, it also costs more in ink. Something the schools do not reimburse for (nor do they give you to opportunity to use theirs, especially colored)- so I went the less expensive route.After that I took regular printer paper and cut it into 4 squares. I wrote each childs name on the paper and glued the corresponding flags to them.

for the boat I took red and orange and gave it an angled look at the top. I lined them up together and glued them down. I then took the purple for the top.  I added a wave to give the bottom of the boat a less square look.

For the letters: I used the schools die cutter- super fun to use :)

To recreate the children on the front of the boat took all weekend. First I took different skin colored papers and traced circles using my daughters plates (salad size). From there I found the other colors I would need for hair, necks, clothes and cut them out according to the picture I found online of the kids. I didn't sketch it ( I typically don't) but that doesn't mean you can't. All you have to do once you have the head cut out it line it up over the next color and sketch around it.  I just cut it out by eying it.
When it was all cut out and glued on I used a sharpie to add the extra details.

Once the kids and words are glued on, take your name tags with the flags and "welcomes" and glue them all over the board.

Other ideas for Multicultural week include:
Having kids dress up in their cultures outfits
Potluck for either whole school or by classrooms--this is fun because you get to try new and exciting foods

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