Tuesday, February 5, 2013

American Girl Doll Dog Bed

With Valentines Day around the corner, I thought a nice homemade gift would be great for the girls. 
I admit I saw this idea on Pintrest. However, they used foam. I don't have foam. I have a bunch of fabric.

What you need:
ruler/tape measure


I did this one based on the dog size and you can too! I took Honey and placed her on a piece of printer paper. Next, I folded her down to the size I wanted the base of the bed to be. Mine happens to be as followed:
The piece on the left is the front. Eventually I cut the middle down and sewed it closed to make a round middle so the dog could jump into it (see finished project)

Once I found the measurements I needed, I added the batting in the same size. Next I stuck the batting into each piece,  Once it was ready I pinned it together (it does not matter which side is right or wrong if you have one color). After that was finished I sewed the bed closed.

You can add bias tape to the trim to give it a fancier look. I tried, but I do have a problem almost every time I use it...for some reason after it's gone through the machine it's never actually sewn to the project even though I've pinned it to it.

**If you found this funny, useful or made it, follow me and share your pictures!**

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