Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lucky Penny Bottle cap necklace

This will give your little lad or lass that extra bit of luck during Saint Patricks Day.
What you'll need:
Bottle caps (any glass one works. I.E: soda, beer)
Drill and a 1/4inch drill bit
Chain or yarn
Your four leaf clover  picture

I took a 1/4 inch drill bit and slowly drilled a small hole into a bottle lid Next I took jewelry wire and wrapped it around the top and then looped it to make the spot for the chain or yarn to go through.

The next step was getting the penny secured in by super gluing it into the base. After it dried I added clear puzzle glue for an even more secure hold
Let it set while you work on the four leaf clover part for the front of your bottle cap. When you're done glue (or mod podge) the decal onto the front. Let it set and then string your yarn or ribbon through the hole at the top.

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