Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mothers Day/ Fathers Day/Grandparents Day

This was made for me by my daughter at pre-school. It's really cute and I love it. It makes a great Mothers Day gift, Fathers Day gift, or even Grandparents Day gift.

You'll need:

Large clothes pin (found at the craft store)
Picture of your child
Paint in what ever color you choose
paint brush
foam letters (optional- also found at the craft stores)

Simply paint the clothes pin and let it dry. Add stickers for decoration. Place the photo in and you're done :)

Do it yourself picture magnets

You'll need:
Spaghettic sauce lids
puzzle glue

We kept a bunch of old spaghetti lids (I like Classico) then traced the lid around the photo and cut out the selected photos. Then I had to trim them because they were still a little too big. I put a little glue on them to keep them down and poured just a little bit of puzzel glue on them. Now I kept hearing rave things about Mod Podge, and I've tried it several times and this is all the ever happens with it (even gloss!)

Need a card? try this one: my pintrest challenge

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