Monday, April 16, 2012

How to fix broken doll head

I know you have all been there before. You spend $4.99 on a little princess with a plastic dress  and after a couple of times the dress breaks, or worse- the head falls off. I know people who will go out and just re buy one because their daughters will cry about it. And although it's sad to have our favorite dolls head act out Anne Bolyens execution, re-buying a doll that will break is out of the question for me. Luckily my husband is in IT and has a bunch of small screw drivers. This is how you fix a doll head

Start with the little screw driver, slightly open up the neck hole a little larger. With the peg in the head out angle it in. The little peg will try to go back into the head- don't move!

Because you're gonig to take the little screw driver and poke that peg down from the side of her neck.

Snap the neck closed and if you really want to make sure the head stays on, add a dab of super glue (be careful: it can and has glued arms down on our dolls)

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