Monday, May 14, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

This post is to help raise Breast Cancer awareness, and donations. Every woman should be regularly screened for lumps and abnormalities. I myself went through a scare about 3 years about when the doctor thought she felt something "move" I did not have the fiances to pursue anything and look farther into it. I went to my regular OBGYN visits every year and thankfully nothing was ever felt again.

This image belongs to Lu and Ed- it is a copy written pattern. Please don't be a monster and steal it. 

 A fellow mommy and friend of mine makes these amazing Mon Stors. This year she has made a Breast Cancer awareness Mon Stor and the proceeds will go to the Susan G Komen foundation to help raise money for the women in our world to get the help and screenings they need but cannot afford. Please follow the link above  to make a $2 donation and be entered for your chance to win the Mon Stor and other ways to enter (Please note the $2 donation must be made in order to enter any other way). I would really like to bring this mon stor home to hold my bras- so I'm hoping I win....but good luck to you too.
She also makes an Autism awareness plushie and many, many more.


  1. Thank you for sharing this post! You are welcome to use the picture from that post in this one if you want, so people know what a Mon-stor is. :) You are awesome for sharing this!!!

  2. Will do! I didn't want to add it before you said it was OK.