Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

One of my jobs as room parent, is to take care of teacher appreciation week. This year (2012) that's May 7th- 11th.

Monday: When the children line up for class, quickly hand each one of them a flower, or have them bring a flower from home. Be sure to have extras on hand in case someone forgets. When the teacher comes to collect the children, hand her a vase so that the children can drop the flower in as they go. You can also just buy a potted flower- they last longer anyway.

Tuesday: Decorate their door. This is fun because so far in the last two years I've been able to rhyme their last name with something. Our first year we decorated the door with paper coffee beans  and cups. On it it read, "A latte thanks to Ms. U we want to espresso our gratitude for all you do" and this year we have a bunch of flowers and a butterfly and the saying, " A 'bunch' of thanks to Mrs.__oy. Who fills our days with learning, fun and joy"

Wednesday: The staff lunch. Where we are told by grade level what to make and bring in. We're bringing in a side dish of pasta salad. (cook pasta, add Italian dressing and veggies, served cold)

Thursday: Gift basket. One inexpensive thing I've done is make a book of memories. Last year we bought the book. This year we collected construction paper from the office and made the book in there, saving us money from the class donations to use toward her big end of the year gift.
I made this little coffee cozy, instructions on my other blog, here.

Friday: I'm having a parent bring her breakfast and a cup of coffee.

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