Thursday, January 9, 2014

Frozen Costumes for AG Dolls

After seeing the Disney movie "Frozen" my daughters were captivated by the characters-and who could blame them!! It was such an amazing movie so much that they decided they aren't "too old" for princesses :)  If you haven't seen it and enjoyed the Lion King, then this one is for you.

Since Christmas is right around the corner I decided I'd look through my scrap fabric and found some stuff that actually worked for both characters! Lucky me. Unlucky for me, I didn't make a pattern. I just sort of cut and went along- which proved to not be a smart idea for Anna, but it worked! I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas :)

For Elsa, I used some light blue shimmering fabric & some sheer with gems fabric. I attached the cape with Velcro, because when I tried to make it permanently attached, I couldn't get it on the doll .

Anna was harder, I already had all the fabric (except for the cape) I found  a pattern for that on pintrest and had to scale it waaaaaaay down. (it was meant for a baby)

Now, I know Anna's dress has the beautifully designed flowers all around the bottom. I am getting to that. I am waiting to see what my silhouette Cameo can do for me. Either that or it will be added by hand as the time goes. I just don't think I can finish 11 of them before Christmas between all of my other obligations.

My Other American girl Stuff:

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My other American Girl items:
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  1. My girls would love these dresses. Do you sell them anywhere?

    1. I would love to make some for you! I am working on making a pattern for them & I can e-mail you when I am finished with the new set and see if you're interested. I don't currently have a shop ( I have e-bay and paypal though) and nothing is up yet.

    2. Great. Email me when you have a pattern and price! Thanks!

  2. Adorable dresses!! Great idea. My nieces would love these. My friend designed a sewing pattern of Princess Anna. It is adorable!! Here is the link if your intersted :)

    1. Got my patterns fixed! Your friend did an amazing job though!!!

  3. Can you send me prices for the 2 dresses. I have been looking for them!