Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Babycake Cake pop Version 2.0 Success!

OKAY I felt bad about my last review for the Babycake cake pop. Turns out after Youtube-ing it I figured out what went wrong. My Candy melts over heated & I didn't know to add a tablespoon of oil or shortening to fix it. I also didn't know to freeze the cake pop balls before inserting the stick (which didn't say to do in the directions in the first place)

So I made a box of Pilsbury Halloween cake mix.  I plugged in the babycake maker and sprayed it with cooking spray (which it says not to do...but their oil idea wasn't working for me). I put the cake batter into a ziploc bag and sniped the corner off (which I found helps distribute the batter evenly)

They came out pretty nice & round (compared to my first two attempts) Anything that bakes over, simply break off the sides of the cake pop.

I let them cook. and put them into the freezer until the following week ( I forgot about them...). Using my make shift double broiler I melted the candy melts again. (on high). One at a time I pulled the Babycakes cake pops out of the freezer, dipped the sticks in the candy melts, inserted them into the cake pop and let them set in the freezer. Again. (reduce heat on water!!)

I raised  the temperature again & mix the candy melts up a little before I started dipping them. When I felt like the candy melts were making the cake pops come off the sticks I added a tablespoon of oil to the candy melts (less if you're not using the whole bag)

After I was done dipping, I notice some were nice. Some were not as smooth.

Since I was making pumpkins I wanted a green stem, so I took a small handful of green candy melts, put them into a ziploc & microwaved it for 30 seconds. I took it out and mixed it in the bag. The candies weren't fully melted so I put them back in for another 30 seconds.

 I snipped the tip (tee hee hee to all those "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" lovers) I added a dot of green to the tops of each pumpkin pop

Then I added faces using black icing because I didn't have black candy melts. This is the finished project:

What I learned:

This was a little easier this time around because I ignored the directions from the baby cake maker.

using frosting with a cake pop

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