Monday, October 17, 2011

Cake Pops version 1.5

So I felt  really bad hating my Baby Cake cake pop maker. I wanted to at least give it another shot. This time I used a box mix for 4th of July and dyed 1/3 of the batter blue and 1/3 of the batter Red. I greased the circles really really good so that it was sure not to stick.

I put each color into a different ziploc (which was actually very helpful for distributing the batter) and let it bake. After they were done baking I was amazed to see that there was no sticking, no oozing out the sides nothing ( by now I'm thinking all my badmouthing of it, it decided to work right)

Remembering the difficulties I had with the sticks not staying into play I decided to be one step ahead of the cake pops & fill the inside with icing using the jelly gun that came with the cake pop machine.


Now it kind of looked like a donut hole filled with icing. 

Sadly. This is all I can review of this attempt. Shortly after I started not feeling well and ended up with Strep throat for two weeks straight. After I felt better I didn't feel right using the cake pops I had made while sick.

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