Monday, October 17, 2011

Cake Pop alternative dipping


I thought "Why not?" That's what you do with a cake anyway, right? So I dipped the stick in frosting so see if that would work like candy melt. After I let it set in the fridge for a while, I piled it on with a ziploc bag full of orange icing (for Halloween).

I smoothed it out with my clean finger. & let it set again. By this point in time I was noticing that the cake pop was lifting off the stick. So I took a reinforced all the other cake pops with candy melts. It's a good thing I did, because this was the outcome:

Yes, I found it funny that it fell down the stick- even the pumpkin was surprised :)

Melting the Frosting:

I had also read about "melting frosting" No where on the tub of icing does it say you can do it (then again it never said you can't) So I googled it to give it a try. The reason I did this was because one of my daughters friends is allergic to dairy. Which means she couldn't have the chocolate covered one or the candy melts.
I put a bit of frosting into the microwave until it "spilled off the spoon" as described in the directions I read. I got out my cake pops from the freezer and put in a stick.  I dipped it in and it's working! I was so excited to be able to give my daughters friend the same treat as everyone else.


Then I placed them onto the holder to harden. Which is where it all went crazy. The frosting began to drip off of the cake pop & make a huge mess. Well okay, it's not HUGE, but I really cake when things get messy.


 What I learned:

I think it's OK to ice a cake pop. I do not ever suggest melting the frosting. But hey, that's what my mistakes are for!

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