Saturday, October 15, 2011

Planning a Birthday Party

My daughter is turning six in November- it's amazing to think that she has been around that long.

We don't exactly have the space to house a party in our apartment, but I refuse to drop $250 on a party at MyGym (again).  My favorite words on the invitation: Drop off. Meaning as long as you can handle just catering to the children you will have more space and less money to spend on feeding adults as well. I've noticed over the years that children behave better when their parents are not around.
So our apartment it is. 780 square feet, 8 adults and 10 kids. Am I crazy? yes. by My husband is going to help me push our furniture against the walls. Anything that will fit into our  bedroom will be hidden in there with the door closed. If you're lucky maybe you have a friend who will let you borrow their backyard.

Hannah chose Lemon Meringue (no not the pie) from Strawberry shortcake as the theme of her party. Since they don't make anything that is actually of Lemon Meringue for the party, I got creative. Since we are doing the party indoors, there is limited space for us.

First I came up with party games that you regularly play at parties with kids and decided how was I going to change them to go with the theme. (Example: Hot potato /hot lemon or for our Snow White theme it was  a poisoned apple)

Pin the Tail on the Donkey. / Pin the Lemon to Lemon Meringue
If you can draw, this works great for you. If not, hopefully you have a printer. Decided which character you want to use (We've done: Pin the boots on Boots the Monkey from Dora, Pin the Bow on Minnie, Pin the bow on Snow White, Pin the Rose to Belle, Pin the Lightening Bolt to Bolt, add a wart to the Witch, etc..) Start off with a poster board you buy at Target ($1.50) and free hand draw the character onto the poster. If that is not in your talents, google the name of the character you want to use. Find a good photo and copy it into paint on your computer. With the picture still selected, stretch the photo out to make it bigger.
When you feel it's big enough go to file, print preview. If the image does not come up on four pages it is not big enough for you to print off and tape together to use. Keep stretching the image until it is.

Notice in the picture below in the  "print preview" Lemons head is on two piece of papers- that's how I know it will be a good size.

There is also an option under "page set up" to have it adjust to"100% normal size" That should help you enlarge it faster.

Once you have either drawn or printed off the picture (glue it to the board if you're printing), color the picture the appropriate colors.  If you printed the picture off, it's probably a good idea to go over the picture with a sharpie to make it more defined. Chose something on the character that the children can "pin" to the board (in this case the girls will be pinning Lemons' Lemon hair clip to her hair). These can be made by tracing the original drawing of the picture (lemon) and making copies.

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