Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting Started 10/13/2011

I've never been one to "blog" about anything. After helping another mom with a costume idea for their daughter, she suggested making a blog to help others.

Before you even start making your project, it's very important that you have all the items to make the projects. I've done that with baking before and half way though I couldn't finish my pumpkin bread. A sad moment in my house.

I will stress heavily about using coupons ( I mean it's like money people!) Before you go out, check your Sunday paper or go online to or  and print off your coupon. They even have coupons for If you're buying online one of my favorite places to look is They help you find promo codes to get discounts on your purchases. (I should have been paid for all this advertisement)

So make a list and like the jolly fat man in red suit check it twice- Let's go make crafts.

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