Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bean Bag toss game

So I'm working on finishing up a themed Bean bag toss game for Hannah's first grade Halloween party.

I searched the internet for a while but did not have much luck. I saw a pumpkin and a ghost, pumpkins stacked on top of each other where the mouth's and eyes were cut out. I thought those would be good & decided to give them a try. I did. It did not work out the way I was hoping it to. I just wasn't "feeling it" and usually if I'm not into it, the project either is not finished or does not turn out the way I want.

I needed a new idea. Well, Hannah and all children everywhere seem to love Angry Birds, so I thought, "Why not?" They have a Halloween version. Here is how I did it.

Bean Bag toss game

What you'll need :
*LARGE cardboard box (in this case I sent another mother out to do my bidding because I didn't know where to get one). She went to a local appliance store and was able to get a large washer box- free! We just had to wait an extra week because the rain had destroyed the first batch.
* A picture of what you're going to want to draw on it. Or if you can not draw, try my other technique featured here: enlarging photos in paint shop    Trust me I know it says "birthday planning" but it does show you how to enlarge the photo.

*Glue (not a glue stick)
* Packaging tape
*Pencil and good eraser (even the best need one!)
*Markers or paint
* Sharpie to outline with.
* a ruler or something straight if you need lines
* a plate if you need circles
*Bean Bags--there are instructions for these after the bean bag toss.

Once you have the box the first thing you'll  need to do is take apart the seal  and turn the box inside out this way you wont have "Kenmore" written through your ghost. use regular white glue and re-glue the seal down (use packaging tape to keep it in place) once it's down put something heavy (in my case a folded table) ontop of it for two-three hours.

After it has dried, open it up taping the sides of the box so that it holds together.

Choose which side you're going to work on. decide how big you want the holes for the bean bags to be & carefully begin tracing out your design. (or print) Once you have finished

(You can barely make out my sketch, but it's there!)

Now it's time to decide, paint or markers? I chose paint because I was able to darken or lighten the colors to make choosing. I did one color at a time and even attempted to shade the cement and ghost pig. I did some outlining with markers though (to try to make it show up better) and a sharpie for any black out lining and pupils. I must say I'm really happy with the final results.

Don't forget to add the holes for the bean bags!!

How to make a bean bag


*What you'll need:
* Felt: Yellow, Orange-yellow, Orange, Red,Black, Grey, White, and Tan
* Sewing machine / need and thread
* Rice or Beans
* Black Sharpie

Sadly, I have not figure out how to post my own patterns up. I eyed the first batch of angry birds & was offered cash for the second set & decided I needed a pattern.

I can tell you they are all basic shapes (ovals, oblongs, triangles with curved edges) The eyes are circles (except the red one) the stomachs are 1/16 of a circle, the eye brows are long rectangles, the beaks are...beak shaped.

After you've cut and placed the face onto the head of the bird, sew them on by hand. Sew together the bird (wrong sides together). Fill the birds with rice & close it up. With the Sharpie, add pupils & outline the birds (if you look they are outlined-I bet my husband & won)


For people with a lot less time on their hands, try this version- it's me.

What you'll need:
*Beans (or rice works)
*Needle (or sewing machine)

Cut the fabric into small squares. pin "right sides together"  (the parts you want to show on the outside face each other). sew 3 of the 4 sides together. Sew the 4th side three quarters of the way up, leaving a hole just big enough to put your beans or rice in.
Turn the fabric inside out. To make the corners square push them out with your finger.
Fill the bean bag 3/4 of the way full.  Using the whip stitch close the bean bag.
Hopefully, your finished project looks like this:

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