Thursday, January 5, 2012

Other cakes/frosting

Over the last four years I've made tones of different cakes. Some were amazing; others- not so much. I've gotten better over the years. The one thing I can tell you if that you really should use butter cream icing (recipe here:) if doesn't get that "wet" look after it's set out for a day, like store brand.

The first one I made after working in a bakery was this one. I didn't make the icing

Dora The Explorer cake (Wilton pan) 2006.

Tinkerbell in August 2008. I bought the kit separately before I left the bakery.

Wall-e. Wilton cake pan.  November 2008

(My Husband and Daughter share a Birthday :)   )

Snow White cake. Made with store bought icing. 2009


My husband and daughter share a birthday

I made the house out of graham crackers and frosted mini wheat. However this was the year I learned to make the cakes the day BEFORE the party. Two reasons: It's less stressful, and two you can take your time.

My 5th wedding Anniversary

Disney Princess- 2010

Daisy Scout Cake. 2011 This one is made with store bought icing

The Lady bug cake. 2011 I used a Wilton cake pan for this ( I hate using the star tip like they show you, so I always smooth it out)
Store bought icing


Lemon Meringue. 2011  I had a little trouble with her face- it's always the hardest thing for me to draw (and even harder with icing!). This one is made with Butter cream icing

Here are my other cakes using fondant and carving:

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