Friday, January 27, 2012

My Cross-stitches

 If you don't know the basics of cross-stitch, check out my other post here

This is the Snow White Cross-stitch I made for my daughter who loves Snow White.

This was in a book that my sister gave me of Disney cross-stitches. I had to change a couple colors to make it look better.

This is the Cross-stitch I made for my daughters bedroom

This cross-stitch was made for my daughters pre-school teacher.  The blank spots are where the names are.

Her teacher had used the picture (not owned by either of us) at the bottom of her letters that she would send home. 

 Using a Cross-stitch software my friend turned it into a pattern for me. I then stitched it one the cloth, changing little things like the color of hair for the little girl jumping to resemble my daughter. No book or glasses for the little boy


  1. hello
    my name is debby could you please send me the chart you did in cross stitch for your daughters bedroom the princess one please
    my email is thankyou

    1. Hi Debbie!
      I will take a look to see what patterns I still have and get back to you soon!
      Thanks for stopping by