Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Valentines day treat and crafts

 Simple Valentines Craft and treats


 You'll need

a paper plate
foam hearts (or paper hearts)

Cut the center out of the paper plate and glue  or press the hearts onto the rim. That simple

Valentines Day Strip

What you'll need:
a strip of red construction paper
 pink hearts

Write whatever you want inside the hearts (things like, "Be Mine" or "Happy Valentines Day") cut them out and glue them to the strip of red.

Here is an idea for inexpensive Valentines day goodies to make for your family, school friends or co-workers.

What you'll need:
6 cups of Rice Krispie cereal
4 cups of marshmallows
2 tablespoons of butter
lolipop sticks (found at Wal*Mart and local craft stores)
Candy melts (also found at Wal*Mart and local craft stores)
Parchment paper
Cookie cutter
Extra butter for your hands...yes I'm serious.

First add the butter into a big pot on low heat. Add marshmallows and slowly sir

until completely melted (I found this makes it easier to add the cereal in later) See? no lumps... okay maybe a couple...

 Pour in cereal

 mix it up

While its setting, place a piece of parchment paper on a tray and butter your cookie cutter

Next butter your hands and take a chunk of the cereal and pack it together, and push it into the cookie cutter.

 Next add the sticks

 Take your chosen color of candy melts and put them into a zip loc.  Pop them into the microwave for a minute or until done.

Snip the corner edge. It's now your make-shift icing bag (and cheaper too). Add to lolipops

Sprinkles are optional

Wrap in cellophane paper or those treat bags found by the candy melts and lolipop sticks

For more crafts visit:

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