Thursday, January 26, 2012

Saint Patricks Days Crafts

What you'll need:
four leaf clover template
Leprechaun template ( I can't find my original one and this one is less scary looking;)  )
Green Ribbon
Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Purple construction paper

Four Leaf clovers:
First I printed the four leaf clover template and cut it out. Next I traced more copies onto green paper and cut them out. My daughters and I hung them up all over the house and used the green ribbon to hang them from the ceiling to make a fancy chandelier.

Lucky the Leprechaun, rainbow and pot of gold.
Every year we put up our rainbow and leprechaun. On the morning of Saint Patrick's day they are always surprised to see  chocolate coins at the end of our rainbow!
I cut out 2 pieces at a  time, shaping them into a rainbow. (see picture above).... which is probably the worst explanation...but I made this stuff three years ago.

Leprechauns & pot of gold toilet paper rolls

What you'll need:
Two and a half rolls of toilet paper
Green paint
Brown paint (or you could use yarn)
Skin color paint
Black paint
Black sharpie
Yellow and Green Felt

First paint the 3/4's of the tube green. The top half will be skin color. (Except the man, whose top will be green for the hat!) Let it dry. Next add on the brown hair or yarn & beard for the man. Let dry. take your half tube and paint it black.

For The gold I drew little circles on yellow felt and cut them out.
For woman: I drew small shamrocks and cut and glued them to her head.
For Hat: I traced the outline of the tube and then made a bigger circle around it. Then I cut the center out & slid it down the roll when it was dry.
With a Sharpie I added eyes and the details of the clothes.

Here are my St. Pattys cupcakes.

Mix the box according to the package. divide evenly into smaller bowls and add food coloring. Line cupcake pans and pour thin layer of each color into the pans.  Bake according to package.
I then iced the cupcakes and drew shamrocks onto the tops

Here are other Saint Patricks day crafts.

DLTK's St. Patricks Day crafts

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