Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fondant and carved cakes

I have only used fondant this one time. It was very frustrating and I'm glad my best friend was there to help me finish these two cakes. I have the fondant cutters for the stars and hearts on my daughters cake.  To make the Mickey it is actually 3 circles carved down.

To carve a cake I recommend making it 2 days before the party. You need to freeze the cake completely before carving into it. This is the same thing they do in grocery stores. They also decorate the butter cream cakes the day before your order anyway (unless you chose whip cream icing--yum!).

My sisters baby shower cake- March 2012. Learn how I made it here

Epic Mickey (made in 2010) based on the Disney game.

For my daughter:

side view:

Carved Dress cake for my friends birthday. 2011

Using this pattern from the book I own, I made this cake for one of my best friends birthday.

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